The Mental Cast
Mental Cast - S1:E05 (Be a Tim)

Mental Cast - S1:E05 (Be a Tim)

October 4, 2019

In this episode, Dan looks at accountability.  He tells his story of Tim.  Tim is a friend, mentor, peer, and Dan's accountability mechanism for Podcasting.  Who holds you accountable for things?  Who do you hold accountable?  How can we have those discussions with those around us?  As always, you can reach us all across social media with @717SOUL.

Show: Season 1 - Episode 05 (October 2019)
Hosts: Dan Mickle
Topic: Accountability

Mentioned Pages:

Mentioned Articles:

  • Surveillant Intentions and Intrinsic Motivation (Michael E. Enzle and Sharon C. Anderson)
  • Effects of person versus process praise on student motivation: stability and
    change in emerging adulthood (Kyla Haimovitza; Jennifer Henderlong Corpusa)
  • Accounting for the Effects of Accountability (Jennifer S. Lerner and Philip E. Tetlock)

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