The Mental Cast
Mental Cast - S1:E06 (Sports Injuries & The Mind)

Mental Cast - S1:E06 (Sports Injuries & The Mind)

December 26, 2019

In the sports world, the injury discussion has primarily centered on the physical aspects of injuries on athletes. In this episode, Dan looks into the effects of sports injuries on the mind and mental health of an individual. He addresses common concerns and offers a plan that focuses on solutions to help make the rehabilitation process smoother.

He also discusses highlights of past episodes (Episode 05- Be a Tim), future and upcoming episodes (Coaching Depression, Parents- Time to talk), and Episode 07 that opens the show to listener's comments, questions, and suggestions. #Ask717SOUL


Show: Season 1 - Episode 06 (December 2019)
Host: Dan Mickle
Topic: Effect of Sports Injuries on the Mind


Mentioned Pages and Highlights:



•2 new Online courses: (MST 101- late winter/2020)

•Youth Sports Coach Survival course (Early spring 2020)

•Mindfulness Online- 50% discount ($69.50) with code: PODCAST2020


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