The Mental Cast
Mental Cast - S2:E05 (Donnie Reeser - Part 2)

Mental Cast - S2:E05 (Donnie Reeser - Part 2)

August 13, 2020

Show: Season 2- Episode 05 (August 2020)
Host: Dan Mickle
Topic: Chat with Donnie Reeser - His Weight Loss Journey

 This episode has Dan sitting down with long time friend Donnie Reeser for part 2 of their conversation series.  This episode focuses on Donnie's incredible weight loss journey over there past year +.  Of course, there is some witty banter between the two as usual.  It should be noted that neither Dan nor Donnie are sharing this chat as a weight loss program or medical advice.  It is simply a look at how hard this journey has been and the challenges, both physical and mental, Donnie has had.


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