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Mental Cast - S1:E07 (Donald Reeser Jr. - Part 1)

January 24, 2020

Part businessman, part dart player, and a lot less of him now.  In this episode, we talk with the local proprietor of Reeser's Soft Ice Cream, Mr. Donald Reeser Jr.  This is part one of a three-part series on Donnie.  We chat in the parking lot of our favorite local food establishment, Nick's 114.  Part one deals with his business life and the mental challenges of a small business owner.  Part two we chat about his weight loss journey (which has been amazing), and in the final part, we discuss his alter-ego "Grimm Reeser" the high-level dart player.

We hope you enjoy this departure from our normal style and we apologize in advance for the portable recording sound and the length.  We just couldn't stop chatting.

Show: Season 1 - Episode 07 (January 2020)
Host: Dan Mickle
Guest(s): Donald Reeser, Jr.
Topic: Life of a Small Business Owner (Part 1 of a 3 part Series) 

Mentioned Pages and Highlights:

•Reeser's Soft Ice Cream (Facebook)

•Nick's 114 Cafe (Facebook | Website)

• (Website)

• (Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram)

•2 new Online courses: (MST 101- late winter/2020)

•Mindfulness Online- 50% discount ($69.50) with code: PODCAST2020

•#DontSuck Performance Journal (

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