The Mental Cast

Mental Cast - S2:E09 (Jay Hosack)

November 9, 2020

Show: Season 2- Episode 09 (November 2020)
Host: Dan Mickle
Topic: Chat with Jay Hosack - George Mason Men's Volleyball Head Coach.

 In this episode, Dan has a conversation with Jay Hosack.  Jay and Dan's friendship goes back a few years and in this episode, they talk about the coaching ladder.  How to move up the coaching ranks and the interesting idea of SHOULD you move up in the coaching ranks.  It is great to hear how Jay made the decision to move from sunny California to across the country and Happy Valley.  There are also some great moments about key decisions in both Dan and Jays' coaching careers, like Jay getting the blessing from Penn State Head Coach, Mark Pavlik, to pursue a head coaching job.  This is a great informal chat between two friends.

*Production note:  There are some audio issues with the studio sound that we were unaware of until post-production.  We apologize.

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• George Mason University Men's Volleyball (Website)

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• #DontSuck Performance Journal (

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