The Mental Cast

Mental Cast - S2:E10 (Brent Magnussen)

November 16, 2020

Show: Season 2- Episode 10 (November 2020)
Host: Dan Mickle
Topic: Chat with Brent Magnussen - Author, Public Speaker, and Fmr. Army Engineer

 This a great episode with "Roger Up!" author, Brent Magnussen.  Dan and Brent discuss routines, goal setting, and Brent's new book.  There is also a great discussion about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu thrown in there for good measure.  Dan also got to confirm his morning ritual routine, an item that Brent stresses a lot in his talks and book.  As usual, there were a lot more topics the guys could cover but ran out of time.  Look from Brent coming back in Season 3 for a deeper dive on some of the topics covered.

Mentioned Pages and Highlights:

• Brent Magnussen (Website | Facebook | Speaking Bookings | Instagram)

• Roger Up! by Brent Magnussen (Amazon)

• (Website)

• (Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram)

• Mindfulness Online- 50% discount ($69.50) with code: PODCAST2020

• #DontSuck Performance Journal (

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