The Mental Cast

Mental Cast - S3:E03 (Tracy Lamouire)

May 4, 2021

Show: Season 3- Episode 03 (May 2021)
Host: Dan Mickle
Topic: Chat with Tracy Lamourie - Public Relations Guru, Globe Trotter, and Social Justice Warrior

    Dan gets to chat with an international PR rock star, Tracy Lamourie.  It is a great session about making the jump and starting a company, why everyone needs a PR person, and how the pandemic has changed things a little.  Oh yeah, she also helped save a man from death row (check out the Jimmy Dennis article in the show notes.  It will blow your mind).  I have to admit that I know little to nothing about PR, but this episode was great.  I got to learn a lot.  I suggest everyone check out Tracy's work and think about how you NEED a PR firm for your business, regardless of size and scope.

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Mentioned Pages and Highlights:

• Tracy Lamourie ( LamourieMedia | FaceBook | Instagram)

• The Jimmy Dennis Story (Rolling Stone Article)

• Mindfulness Online- 50% discount ($69.50) with code: PODCAST2020

• #DontSuck Performance Journal (

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